“Gain the perspective to see yourself.
Cultivate the intuition to listen to yourself.
Discover that you are, in fact, on the edge of greatness.”


“Gain the perspective to see yourself.
Cultivate the intuition to listen to yourself.
Discover that you are, in fact, on the edge of greatness.”


Are you on
the edge of a new beginning?

Already accomplished
but desire more
meaning in work and life?

Striving to reach
success on your own terms?



  • Challenge assumptions and stories you’ve told yourself
  • Explore, question, and be bold
  • Listen to your inner self and take action to be the
    person you dream to be
  • Find joy and gratitude in a deeper personal
    and professional purpose

Guiding those on the “edge of greatness” – with a thoughtful blend of:

  • Reflection
  • Intentionality
  • Discovery
  • Understanding, and
  • Action

Ready to engage in executive coaching?

Contact me to schedule a 30 minute exploratory call. Executive coaching packages for 8 sessions or for 6 month engagements or customized to you are available.

Kathryn’s executive coaching practice is in working with leaders on the edge of greatness, leaders who are in transition to new ways of leading and living, and participants in the Hudson Institute of Coaching coach certification program.

"I have worked with Kathryn Downing for several years which have included multiple personal and professional transitions. I can honestly say that without Kathryn’s coaching, I would not be where I am today professionally as the CEO of a charitable Foundation. Kathryn coaches with the perfect balance of nurture and challenge, always cheering for my best self and pointing her out when I have forgotten her. I am both stronger and more vulnerable because of my work with Kathryn. My partnership with her has made me a more effective leader, a more compassionate partner, and an all-around more authentic person. It is not an oxymoron to say that my work with her has dramatically changed my life, in ways that I will be forever grateful."
Elizabeth Brown
"Kathryn's ability to ask just the right question at just the right time is awe-inspiring, even magical. Through her artful coaching, I found an equilibrium of head and heart and a clear definition of what I'm doing "with the rest of my life." She held my trust, my attention, and my goals at the forefront of our work and helped me discover a clarity and calmness which had eluded me in my previous careers. Thank you, thank you for being at my side for this career transition."
Suzanne Keel-Eckmann
“I am an Executive Coach, certified by The Hudson Institute and International Coach Federation and have been working with Kathryn as my coach this year. I honestly could have no one better suited to helping me through my training and my transition from physician executive to coach. Kathryn’s ability to gently but firmly probe has allowed me to examine the many complexities of that transition and is subtly guiding me to success. There is a genuine warmth and caring that remains a constant even when she is challenging me to dig deeper. Kathryn’s knowledge of sound coaching methodology coupled with her wisdom and genuine curiosity in service of the client represents an ideal combination for me."
Dr. Lawrence Schecter
"Our meetings with Kathryn are so productive - enabling us to reflect, shift focus, and establish healthy habits for the business we have nurtured and grown from infancy."

"Grateful for the thoughtful, insightful suggestions on how to move forward with energy and determination."
"Kathryn's thought provoking questions brought about a fundamental shift in attitude that re-vitalized the next phase of my professional growth."
Alev Lewis
"Kathryn brings years of insight into helping one make life decisions that "make life work”. Her own experiences and learning allow her to create a unique "container" for my own journey to wholeness. Kathryn's ability to frame questions and reflect my life back to me has been a huge gift."
Judy Patrick
"Kathryn inspired trust from the outset of our coaching relationship, forming a connection that enabled me to feel immediately comfortable. She’s smart, warm, and insightful. Kathryn listened closely to what I was saying, and more importantly, could hear what I wasn’t saying that was relevant to our topic. She would bring it up with me in a non-threatening way if that’s what the moment called for, but wasn’t afraid to challenge my thinking, either. We would sometimes finish with a topic (or at least, I thought we had), and Kathryn would circle back and help me tie it to something else in my life that I hadn’t even considered. She helped me create new ways of thinking about certain aspects of my life that that are helping me achieve my goals."
Margo Myers