Developing a Reflective Practice

Hello, Kathryn Downing from Galileo Coaching. I want to talk to you about a reflective practice. What is your reflective practice? By that I mean, how do you pause in your busy day with your client work and stop and say, “Hmm, wonder what’s going on for me as a coach? Wonder what’s going on for me in my relationship with this client?” So reflective practice might be taking 15 minutes after the end of your coaching sessions and just writing notes to yourself. What did you feel? What might you ask, that you didn’t ask? What did you notice where you were holding back? Where do you feel like maybe you were too … too something? Too driven toward a result, working harder than your client, trying to get them somewhere, maybe even rescue them.

Taking that time to reflect and then just sitting with that, coming back to it and wondering, “Hmm, what is going on with me with this client?” A reflective practice is just that, observing yourself in the moment, in the coaching session, taking time afterwards, and then continuing just to hold lightly, “Gosh, what is happening here?”

An example might be, as well, to take a Monday morning, to take a Friday afternoon, go to your favorite place and just think about what’s the work that you’ve done this week. What do you feel really good about? What do you want to keep doing? What … You’re just not sure quite landed, or is quite what you wanted to do, and how might you shift that? What’s a good way for you to record those reflections? Maybe you write it in a journal. Maybe you do just a simple drawing. Maybe you just sit and hold and meditate on that particular insight.

That’s what reflective practice is about, and I invite you in the next four weeks just to experiment with yourself, how might you pause, think about your practice, observe yourself, learn and then integrate that into your coaching going forward.

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