Coaches: Preparing before your coaching session

Hello, I’m Kathryn Downing of Galileo Coaching. And I’m wondering how you center yourself, how you prepare yourself just before your client session. My own practice is one of holding an image that moves me into wonder and curiosity and awe at all that’s in the world. And then channeling my client and an image of my client.

So let me share with you, I’ve been in London this week, we had snowfall, the city was blanketed in white. And here are four and five year olds who have never seen snow before out on the city sidewalks, making snowballs, throwing them at each other in this unabashed glee. And that is the image, they were just so in wonder of snow, and what it was, and what it was like to feel it and to make a ball with it.

That’s my image for centering myself and coming to presence that I will use for the next several weeks before I go into a client session. And once I’m there, just filled with that joy of watching them, then I will picture my client and hold them, and it will be an opening of my heart to them, and an offering for them to open their heart to me for our work.

And I will hold that image for about five minutes, take a deep breath, and meet my client. What do you know about your own practices? Are you in a hurry in between meetings and jump into the session? Do you take time to ground yourself and come to center? However you do it, the question I would leave with you is, is it working for you? When you meet your client are you fully there, fully present, and ready to work with them?

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